Simple rotation - some objects ignored

Hi all,

Just a warning - I am a total noob with Bongo. Just using it to create a very simple animation.

I want to rotate a group of objects (gems in settings) and leave the surrounding area stationary. I select the objects (“grouped” or “ungrouped”), click the Animate button, type 360 in the Z-axis rotation box, un-click the Animate button.

When I slide the timeline, some objects rotate as expected, and others do not… Coincidentally the trouble objects are meshes. I hope to have this done for Monday… (?)



I just remembered the Proxy option, which I am now trying to use, but it’s not working either. I place the proxy point, select the children, then “Animate”, rotate proxy point 360 in z, “un-Animate”. When I press play, the point turns but not the children…


This is a bit fuzzy. Can you please post the failing model(s), then I can have a look.