Rotating grouped objects - Rubiks Cube


I’m totally new to Bongo and am trying to animate my Rhino model of a Rubiks cube.

I want to be able to scramble it by rotating the different layers - but all the pieces rotate on their own axis as opposed to the cubes center line.

By blocking the top layer I can rotate it as one piece - but can’t release the block without losing my keyframes. Likewise with using parent/children settings I can only rotate the one layer - as, as far as I can see I can’t have the same objects in more than one parent group or release the first parent group after rotation.

I’m at a lose … so if anyone can offer assistance I would be truly grateful.

You can use Proxy points as parents to control the rotation:

You can only have one parent per object, so if you want to switch the object’s parent, you need to make a new animation set:

Thanks for the answer - I’ll give it a go and post a responce :slight_smile:

Does some one here knows why at my “Target Render” box there is no Vray option, i’m using Rhino 4 and Bongo 1 wich works perfectly, I just have that problem.


At some point there was a bug in Bongo 1.0 that all renderers didn’t show up in the list. We fixed the problem so please make sure you have the latest Bongo 1.0 installed. You can download the latest SR from: