Simple FBX Export fail case for debugging

I have a simple mesh file of an opendesk chair and table in mesh format.
When exporting to FBX and opening in Blender or Max it creates jumbled geometry.
Textures seem intact though.

The same model works fine when exported from V5.
It is only a problem with V6. I have attached my system info as well.

I have attached both the exported FBX and original Rhnio file as a test case.

Best regards.
Ejnar Brendsdal

OpenDesk FBX Export Fail (1.6 MB)
System info.txt (1.5 KB)

I see that too, reported as RH-43409. Importing the resulting .fbx file also causes bad geometry in Rhino.

Note that for now you can use _TriangulateMesh prior to export. That gives better surfaces.


Beautiful. Thanks Nathan.