Sidecar with Rhino on macOS Catalina

As soon as connecting my iPad to my MacBook Pro (2017) with “Sidecar” either by a USB-C cable or via wifi the viewport does not update anymore. Neither zooming nor rotating does anything. When changing from 4View to one view the view is just empty. Is there a command to update the viewport manually?

I haven’t tried the Sidecar feature in macOS Catalina. What you are reporting sounds eerily similar to this bug:

RH-54092 Rhino doesn’t paint viewports if connected to Airplay

Does that sounds like the same or similar behavior to you?

(If you have access to Rhino 5 for Mac, you might try that with Sidecar. If it works, I suspect it’s the same bug).

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Yes, that’s exactly the same bug, at least it looks the same. Disconnecting does not fix it, I have to restart Rhino fully, but I think you already know that.

Hopefully by debugging with Sidecar you can fix the AirPlay bug as well :slight_smile: As always, if I can help you with any report or anything hit me up!

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Yes, this does help. I bet they are the same bug and Sidecar uses the same protocol as Airplay. This might indeed make debugging easier.

Cold comfort: Rhino 5 for Mac should work with Sidecar.

It’s odd though: reproducing this issue is really tough here at McNeel…it’s very intermittent.

If you need anything, like a TeamViewer session to show you or debug, we can always do this! I can reproduce it 100% of the time (on this MacBook Pro). Maybe related to being an AMD or nVidia graphics card?

Thanks! I might take you up on that sometime if I can’t. I’m optimistic now that it’s happening with Sidecar.

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I am able to reproduce what you are seeing with my iPad Pro on macOS Catalina using Sidecar. It looks like exactly the same bug as:

RH-54092 Rhino doesn’t paint viewports if connected to Airplay.

It behaves exactly the same way. This seems like a bug with Continuity on macOS (or an incompatibility between our display pipeline and Continuity features).

What is interesting to me is that the bug occurs when the external display is connected - even on the original display.

Yes, that is correct. Just a question: How is this connected to Continuity? I though Continuity is the feature to continue working on a document open another device, isn’t it?

Sidecar is listed as a feature of Continuity…

I wish I could find an Apple Developer Document that listed the OpenGL requirements for Airplay and/or Continuity. I think Apple presumes this will “just work.”

The above webpage might be the feature as an Apple Marketing person understands it though. It seems like Airplay to me.

Hi, My problem has continued intermittently. I think I may have discovered one issue. When I initiate Rhino with Apple AirPlay active the problem always occurs. Right now with AirPlay off I can start Rhino and open a document ok.

On Dan’s suggestion I did restart in safe mode and the problem persisted so AirPlay is not the only issue. FYI

I believe this is the same problem as reported here:

The bug-track item is:
RH-54092 Rhino doesn’t paint viewports if connected to Airplay

Is that what you are seeing?