Very slow meshing

wip 9/08/16

Any meshing operation is taking ages. V6 stops and the command line says “creating meshes” for any relevant operation.
for example, moving a face on a simple cube is about 2 seconds - in V5 it is instant.

It means i cant work in V6 - I dont see anybody else complaining about it, but surely it must be a known problem…?


Hi Tony - seems OK here - does this happen in a new file (no template) and just a box?


Hello Pascal

No, it doesn’t - its fine and very fast with hundreds of boxes…

I stopped working on the original file i posted about, and moved it back to V5, where I have continued to work on it.
Now when i load this into V6, it behaves also…

What can I say…?

I’ll go back into V6 and continue…


Pascal - uhoh - slow meshing.3dm (244.9 KB)
its happening again…
here’s part of a file im working on - this simple bracket ive cut and pasted into a new V6 session; try moving faces around etc - it stops and thinks for ages, saying “creating meshes” on the command line.
The same file pasted into V5 has no problems…( “Ages” means like maybe 2 seconds on this computer; V5 is basically instant.)

I don’t think there is anything special about this file; I hope you reproduce this…


Hi Tony - so far this works fine here I’m afraid - also pasted to another file. Are you pasting V6 > V6 or is the part coming from a V5 file?


Hi pascal - Well I started the model in V6, then when the meshing was slow initially I pasted it into V5.
Then when you replied initially, i pasted it back to V6.
And then when it slowed down again, I pasted it to V5 again, where I finished the model without problem.
And I also pasted this little bit into a new v6 file to post here.

Maybe it’s this computer?
It’s an older Toshiba laptop; certainly it isn’t state of the art, but it runs V5 very well, and I’m quite happy with its performance for the current projects I’m working on in V5.
I had wondered if it’s video related, since in the render view is screwed in V6, but the rest of the display modes are fine, and also I get a command line prompt saying “creating meshes” when it is thinking in “slow mode”, so that seems unlikely to be video…?


Hi Tony - I would not blame the hardware just yet - if you are getting a command line message that the thing is generating meshes, something else is up, I say. How are you moving faces? Subobject select and Move?, drag? Gumball? MoveFace? Did I leave anything out?


I prefer to use “move face” & “move edge”. (Lol - I just read somewhere else these may be removed as obsolete commands…)
I’ve never ever used the gum ball (!)

Thanks Pascal