Different approach: OpenGL linedrawing

Just came across this article and it seems interesting for down-the-road line and curve drawing in Rhino.
And maybe something to implement for iRhino, as we need linedrawing there as well.


(link to mapbox: https://www.mapbox.com/blog/mapbox-gl/ )

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This is pretty similar to the line drawing shader that I wrote for V6. The anti-aliasing algorithm is different because Rhino’s line work is depth buffered.

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Ok, but do you know why V6 is so much slower than V5?

I just did a test with an architectural drawing consisting of:
56 text, 1155 curves, 48 hatches, 1 annotation leader, 1 surface.
In V6 Test max speed took 1.66 seconds.
In V5 Test max speed took 0.45 seconds.

Then I made an array of 3x3 of these and tested again.
In V6 Test max speed took 8.64 seconds.
In V5 Test max speed took 2.98 seconds.

In V6 I even sat AA to 0 but it was still antialiased, and in V5 AA was sat at 8x.

I do know why the curve drawing is slower and plan on working on this. The current big push is for display stability across drivers. Once that is complete, optimization work can be done.

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Ok, thanks.
I had custom nVidia driver settings (on the gtx1070) and got the first test down to 1.06 seconds. But I deleted the settings as I thought they were the reason for the slowdown, but it turned out to be the other way around… I’ll see if I can reproduce those settings.