Show/Hide Layers in Details

Why is that the parent layer is off in the detail view, but the child layer can be turned on?

In that image, the parent is on, and the lay you selected is on.
The base_plate layer is off

Thank you for writing these scripts! I however seem to experience an error when executing the HideLayerInLayoutDetails from the Python Editor. Could you please explain what am I doing wrong?

Message: expected Layer, got NoneType

  line 19, in hideLayerInLayouts, "C:\Users\xx\Downloads\"
  line 38, in <module>, "C:\Users\xx\Downloads\"
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Not sure sorry, It’s been a while since I used these scripts since they were causing me bugs.

Hi John, sorry, late reply. Didn’t see your post till I was looking for Detail Layer posts

You are correct, but in my screenshot I was trying to highlight the fact that, when in a detail view, the parenet layer can be turned off and the child layer can still be turned on.

In my example, Parent Layer “STR_SRF” is turned off in the detail view (the light bulb on the far right of the screen shot), but its Child Layer “CENTRAL_COL” can be turned on in the detail view (the light bulb on the far right again). This seems to be a bug and is still happening to my detail views.

Any solutions will be helpful

Hi David -

Which version of Rhino are you running?
This issue was fixed in November 2020 - RH-61508.



Hi Wim

was there a fix for this issue? Because i still have child layer on while parent layer is off in my detail views. let me know if there is an fix already and i will update to the latest rhino. thanks

Hi @wim @John_Brock

it’s still doing it in the detail viewports

Here, the layer “PLATFORM” is a child layer of “ACCESS”. “ACCESS” is turned off in the detail viewport but it’s child layer “PLATFORM” can still be on.

Layer “PLATFORM” is added to the document after the detail view is created, so maybe that’s why, but it still shouldn’t happen. Imaging I have 50 details and I have to active each detail and turn off that layer.

Like everyone else on this thread, I’ve really struggled with this issue in Rhino. Our office recently moved to Vectorworks for most of our workflow, and this limitation was a big part of that decision. I’ll still use Rhino for modeling (it’s wayyyyyyyyy better than VWX), but I really wish Rhino could implement something similar to VWX in this regard. Here’s an example of how VWX allows you to change class (equivalent to Rhino layers) visibility in all viewports (equivalent to Rhino details) via one interface.


Hi David -

I didn’t see this reply before now. RH-61508 was fixed in Rhino 7.

Can we still not hide layers in model space and show in layout detail ?? Maybe we should have ‘Hide In Model Space’ command ??

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We still can’t. However, a few other threads about this topic exist. This was the latest:

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@david25 I think that I’ve managed to find the issue with these scripts following a similar problem explained by Mitch here: "::" Layer hierarchy notation doesn't work in rs.GetLayer for "layer" argument - #2 by Helvetosaur

replaced the line

            layer = sc.doc.Layers.FindName(layerString)


            layer_idx = sc.doc.Layers.FindByFullPath(layerString, True)
            layer = sc.doc.Layers.FindIndex(layer_idx)

@Alasdair you’ve mentioned other bugs with these scripts, anything to look out for?

works here™ on Rhino 8: (1.2 KB) (1.2 KB)

I found those scripts very useful, hope it’s okay to keep modifying them - version below uses MultiListBox instead of CheckListBox - it was easier for me to use them this way with larger number of layouts: (1.1 KB) (1.1 KB)

Hi, I just happened across this.

We need to be able to set Detail Layer visibility independently from the Master Layer visibility.

Having installed V7, I am obviously hoping to use V7, I have lots of layout views and hiding layers in detail view IS ESSENTIAL to them and to carry on working on these in V7.

has this issue been fixed, else I am carrying on in V5 ! I must carry on in V5, and after all the encouraagement to get v7, I like to think a later versions adds to the goodies from a previous version, else if it works why break it.

the win10 from win 7 experience is a classic, as I am also experiencing the shock to the system having also gone win10 at same time.

Recent Places in File explorer and save as dialog boxes, essential to workflow, existed since win 3.1, allows saving to same folder just used by another prog or download etc, I use it A LOT, Msoft now remove that, I am a fish out of water without it, as are all those complaining of it, and we have registry hacks to do to solve it, worked fin e but they broke it.

I need that 'turn off/on layer visibility lightbulb column to be as it was in V5, not have to run some code each time.

Is V7 now as V5 for that ?



So you’re not actually using it yet…?

Have you tried it in V7 to see if it works like you expect?

What makes you think that is necessary? Again, trying it on an example file for a couple of minutes will tell you what you want to know.

Note that, as you are just getting started in V7 and haven’t really gotten up to speed on all the changes, you are already more or less one version behind - all new development is now going into V8. And a huge number of significant UI changes are being made there - including how layout layer visibility is handled.

I am in the process of editing properties to add on dims styles, appearance and matching V7 to V5 then creating other user named templates from these. (see other post) then I can start using V7.
needing to know methods to do so is holding me up.
Hope to start using V7 asap, though still building Win10 PC, havent got sound card in yet, let alone 140 other progs. get the essentials in first.

However as the first job on V7 is layout mode plans to continue the series I am part way through, I need it as V5 with detail layout view show/hide layers, so was wondering in advance if it was solved, as well as wondering why it wasnt there prompting the other posts.


Steve -

I take it that you are not still running Rhino 5 SR 4 but the latest SR 14? If so, then yes.

good, in fact YIPPEE…AWESOME, FANTASTIC. phew !
yes SR14, I downloaded the very last V5 for install to Win10.