Shove alter to spacebar not right mouse button?

after decades of spacebar to shovehand the image about in photoshop, at the moment I am flitting back and forth between pshop and rhino, and my brain wont toggle that easily, I am forever using spacebar in rhino for shovehand and getting mad results in rhino, edit undo, then rmb shove, then 15 mins later back in photoshop and rmb causes other mayhem.

Can I set spacebar to show in Rhino or is it going to conflict somewhere.

Where do I do so ?


Sorry, that functionality is hard coded into Rhino.
There’s no way to change it.

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@John_Brock I would strongly second this being an issue. I understand the space-bar repeat being the default but why can’t it be reassigned in options? How many repeat command prompts do we need?! Spacebar, RMB, and enter with none of them being reassign-able?
As another user coming from the Adobe products, the spacebar repeat causes unnecessary havoc. Please allow us to opt out of the mayhem!

Have you asked Adobe about this?