Shift+Space shortcut

Good day!
I can’t assign shortcut Shift+Space to Maximize/Restore viewport command (’_NextPerspectiveViewport _MaxViewport) also as for a bunch of other commands I’ve tested.
But it works with (’_SetMaximizedViewport Top) flawlessly…
Alt+Space also seems to work fine with any command, I’ve tried.
Tested in last WIP.

Shift by itself is not a valid modifier key for menu shortcuts - you have to also include Control, Option, and/or Command for it to be recognized in a menu shortcut sequence. I see that the Command Editor allows that, and it should not. I’ll file a bug report.

hi @marlin dont change that if possibe, it would be nice to leave such options available as openly as possible. if somebody is too “dumb” to configure shortcuts blocking themselves other options then why not leaving it to them, but it can also have advantages. in creating super fast shortcuts when used carefully.

shift+ space is used in blender and it works fine on windows and mac…imho it would be useful to have it in rhino if possible.

In Blender it can work because everything, except for the incoming events and the system window blender lives in, is completely handled within Blender. There its no operating system level interaction with windowing systems and their menu mechanisms, we can do whatever we want…

I think i’ve got it, thank you for the explanation.

would it also be possible to make shortcuts through duration? that you have the same key assigned to several functions depending on how long its pressed? maybe it sounds ridiculous… at least i hope not but that also could open up some fancy moves.

and could it also work that several functions are addressed with one key like something which would be really helpful, to toggle left side bar along with the right side bar and maybe even hiding the toolbar together with something like TAB only? currently you need 3 separate short cuts for that… which is somehow unhandy because i mostly would love to rid it all away with one button like in adobe, affinity and even autodesk

Hi, Richard
I’ve found, that it’s possible to create new command in the command editor and assign shortcut Ctrl+TAB to it.
TAB is used for direction lock. Alt+TAB does’t work for some reason…
Put that lines into script field
and assign shortcut. Hope that helps.

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hey thanks Sergey!!! good to know that this can be combined, will experiment with that. somehow i had the feeling that it could work somehow but i never twisted my head into using multiple lines in the script area.

TAB could work if you are not in a command, as an idea. when nothing is running and one wants to start working till the moment of drawing something, that tab still can work as a toggle. its this avoiding keys that could serve other functions which i hope will not become dominant.

using letters and numbers for short cuts is something which i also like very much. just have to watch out that letters are chosen which are not used often, i had something like 1, 2 , 3 for each toggle as an experiment, it was not really sufficient like that, so if that could be combined i hit the 1 key and voila for example… still a bit different to other apps then, so would prefer if that would work one day with tab only.

Note that I was talking about Blender when I said we could do anything.

That said though working with timed key presses and combinations thereof is an interesting notion, but I think that in practice it could be quite hard. At least not without a good feedback mechanism on how key press timings are progressing. I fear that it could pose to much information to process and add to the need to do things in a stricter way, dictated by time. I could be wrong though.

It could be interesting for people with an affinity for music, like piano players. Using Rhino would then become like playing music…

Key chording input devices exist though, as alternatives to regular keyboards. Key gloves also have always intrigued me :slight_smile:

It would be an interesting research project to find this kind of alternative inputs (timing based etc), but the biggest obstacle to take would ultimately be the human in getting it accepted.

one very simple idea would be that this could easily be achieved with a little abstract ui indicator popping up when entering a long press mode, showing some time bar with segments. timing can be of course set to the sensitivity of the user. but this may also have a limit i would not want to press it for more than 5 seconds to do something which could be achieved faster with some other immediate short cut.

but within those limits, this could be a very virtuous way of working indeed :musical_score: :violin: funny is that i also thought about a piano after asking that…probably a natural association for those who at least had one below there fingers once or twice :musical_keyboard: :slight_smile:

oh if it can save time and not only increase sufficiency but also freeing one from too many long typed commands and making working more fun therefore then this is just a matter of selling it properly.

It is funny how people continue to use QWERTY-based layouts although there are much more efficient and ergonomic layouts available… One would think that especially in jobs where the work is done through keyboards these ‘alternative’ layouts would’ve long since become the standard. Sadly no.

i have read somewhere that it does not make much of a difference, that its our mind only which makes the limit…and since querty quertz and azerty or whatever is out there where layouted according to the frequency of letter usage i guess its not so bad… but thinking about that of course we would have to abstract further and question if using keyboards makes sense at all. personally i am also tired of them, but using a glove which you suggested may also not be the answer since holding hands in the air or even when rested on the table, you still have to slip into those things, working like that for hours? i dont know… depends on the materials maybe… so what else… waiting till we plug our brain into it? maybe… but till then we could think about using the variety of our extremities sufficiently and creatively :slight_smile: