Should OneView work with a 3dconnexion device?

I just noticed this function, but sadly it only seems to work if I rotate the view with my mouse (which I never do).

Probably don’t need to use it anyway, but it seemed like a pretty nice feature.

A short right click + drag will get OneView to snap into action. It took a minute to get used to, but I ended up liking the way this works. You have more control over when the CPlane changes with minimal extra effort.

I have a new issue now with OneView, everytime I want to repeat the last command (right click) I end up changing the Construction plane. Is it possible to rebind the repeat last command to some other button?

I’m not completely sure I understand …
Is it the OneView command that is changing the Construction Plane when you right-click? You can add any command to the “no-repeat list”.

If I have used a command I normally just right click to use it again. But if I have OneView Active I end up changing the Construction plane to the one I happen to be looking at as well.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be happening if I kept the mouse completely still, but I Always end up moving the view a bit.

What I wonder is if there is any way to avoid this.

It sounds like you want to disable OneView. The whole point of the command is that it changes the CPlane depending on the view.

If you do want to use it, perhaps you could experiment with the angle setting and make sure that it resets to World after going out of the view angle again.

I think I was thinking of OneView differently than it is intended, I thought of it more as a setting you turn on and keep it on.

Sometimes I want to create some measurements for an object, so I set the CPlane to a Surface of the object that I want to measure. Now I use the dimension command and measure a side, then I right click to create a 2nd measurement but Oops now the CPlane is not set to the object anymore.

If you try to have OneView always turned on you run into these situations since repeat last command is on the same button as rotate view. I suppose OneView is not meant to be a permanent setting that you turn on once and forget about it.

No, I have it in my start-up command and it is active throughout the entire session.

But you are running into custom CPlanes. It’s true that these are not “snapped” back to once you rotate the view and then back.

If, on the other hand, you set up your custom CPlane and then save that as a Named CPlane, OneView will snap back to this saved CPlane.

Nice feature but indeed, It does not work with 3dconnexion device which I would like to have it without the extra drag effort like @EricM stated above

+1 to this. It would be nice if it just worked with 3dconnexion devices.

+1 Yes please for this