OneView not working with 3DConnexion SpaceMouse

… the viewport labels update but the CPlanes don’t when the using the SpaceMouse…

a workaround could be using the Set Cplane To View button

'_CPlane _View

Thanks, but doesn’t help in perspective view, which I guess is what OneView was intended for. [’_CPlane _View] as it suggests, sets the Cplane to be flat to whatever arbitrary view you may have. You want OneView to work by jumping to the the nearest Orthogonal view as set by the angle tolerance.

if you also use Universal Cplanes instead of standard cplanes, once you change the cplane in the perspective view, the other viewports will update to that.

in the other hand I made a tiny button to merge two commands:

'_CPlane _View

this way I can focus on any surface in the model and also set the cplane to there.

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(tho isn’t there a Rhino command for that?)

TBH ever since dicking around with the UCS in Autocad all those years ago, I’ve been waiting for something like OneView: a nice way to work quickly and intuitively in a single fullscreen perspective viewport. Shame not to be able to do it with a 3D SpaceMouse…

Meanwhile, Uni vs Standard CP’s make no change to the OneView problem.
Am I missing something? (do you have a 3Dconnexion device?)

Hi - I don’t have a SpaceMouse, only an old SpacePilot for which there are no updated drivers.
Have you checked if there are updated drivers for your SpaceMouse?

Yup. No change …

I’m in the same boat, having had to throw away a perfectly functioning SpacePilot.
Also, this oddity still persists:

( R6 and 7WIP now show the same behaviour)

I see the same behavior as the OP on Rhino 6 Windows with a SpaceMouse Compact. On Rhino 6 macOS with the same SpaceMouse it works exactly as it is supposed to. It would be nice if this was fixed… obviously Rhino understands where the CPlane should be, it just doesn’t update it.

BTW, my workaround is to orbit the camera a bit with the mouse so that the CPlane updates. It is annoying, but at least you get some of the benefits of OneView.