OneView saves CPlane last used in Perspective view

I use Rhino with _OneView enabled and enjoy it’s modeling benefits. Recently, I’ve shared a few models to collogues and consultants that had been saved with _OneView enabled and with the CPlane rotated to be something other than [Top] in Perspective view. Even with _OneView disabled, this setting carries over when saved and sent to others.

I found myself having to instruct my collaborators to enable _OneView > orbit around in Perspective view until the label reads [Top] > and disabling _Oneview so they could work normally.

Wouldn’t it be better for the CPlane to return to default in Perspective view once _OneView is disabled? I now know that I need to mind the state of the CPlane in perspective view when sharing a 3dm file but who knows how many people I’ve already confused. :laughing:

:OneView Test.3dm (43.5 KB)

Hi Ryan - my instinct is to have it revert, if at all, to the CPlane that was active when OneView kicked in - would that make any sense to you?


This makes total sense and I agree. It should revert to the CPlane that was active before OneView became enabled. Do you see why I find OneView’s current settings problematic?

Thank You