Should I work to become a "Regular"

Should I work at becoming classified as a “Regular” on this forum. I’m currently classified as “Member” in even though I’m probably one of the more active members in terms of frequentcy of visiting the forum and replying to posts. It looks like to become a “Regular” I would need to start giving more “Likes” and possibly opening more posts. Currently I ignore most of the Grasshopper related posts and only occasionally give likes. I suppose I could start opening Grasshopper posts but not bother to read them, and start clicking the Like button more frequently.


Hi David - Hm - but why bother? I had not really noticed, myself, until you just pointed it out, that they even have these (yawn) rankings. Your activity here is incredibly helpful and invariably on point, I’d stick with quality over quantity any day. I don’t think they give medals for that on Disco, 'cause, presumably, it cannot be scripted…



Don’t let the imho terrible practice of “gamification” steer you in the direction of opening posts & giving likes to make it to a goal post, rather than reading to your interest and helping people. I’ve also been here since the beginning and am not a regular, but I know my contributions are usually valued.


Being a regular means you spend too much time on this forum and need to take a break from it :wink: (pointing fingers at myself)
I became regular by accident and I agree with Menno and Pascal that it shouldn’t be a goal.
The only added functionality it gives is being able to edit posts into other categories and the ability to make a wiki post. But so far the latter hasn’t proved to be of added value yet.


the problem with that issue is that it becomes a habit, its not more enjoyable because of that. its just a habit. i must admit i learned tons by reading through here, got a lot of ideas how to use Rhino itself but also Grasshopper even though i am not using grasshopper much at all.

but it is a serious issue which deprives you off your own goals and work. hanging in here is like hanging in a bar… i would have to tap on my own shoulder and say hey… get a job !!!

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I agree with @pascal, @menno, @Gijs and @encephalon. I can see no advantage to being a ´Regular’ and when I loose the privilege it will be because i’ve got my forum habit under control. :slight_smile: I am pleased to have gone from 3 days recent reading to 2 (but that is still about 4% of my waking life!).

On a related topic I think the badges for 100 straight days and 365 straight are a negative thing - they can encourage potentially unhealthy levels of engagement.

Feel free to use lots of likes though! Especially with new people.

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Dunno, I’ve got a few of those, but I don’t consider my level of engagement “unhealthy”… I like to check in here every day if I can, but a lot of the stuff gets dismissed without reading (according to the topic/category). Also I spend 0 time on any other “social network”, so this is mine…


I am still only a member. : (

  • 520 days visited
  • 4d read time
  • 16h recent read time
  • 1.4k topics viewed
  • 10.1k posts read
  • 112 (like) given
  • 110 topics created
  • 218 (likes) received
  • 1 Solution

And some badges.

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It’s like going to the bar and read the newspaper quickly while drinking a coffee… after that you go back to work :wink:

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At the beginning I had the same feeling: Should I do something to be classified more “reliable”?
The real answer is “Who care!”
Imho, Discourse badges are completely out of the forum logic (I could save only two or three of them) 'cause we are here to learn and to help.
The only real skill I appreciate (in the italian Rhino Discourse) is the one to edit post’s titles to help the moderators to manage OT messages or with titles that aren’t really clear.

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#1 Rule of Regular Club:
You do not talk about Regular Club!

#2: Rule of Regular Club:
You DO NOT talk about Regular Club!!




I have yet to find the airport where Discourse gives me access to the private lounges. :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m yet to find an airport where a private lounge is any better that sitting in a quiet corner in the terminal.

The search for exclusive is always elusive.

Funny story: I have a client who is obsessed with private lounges at airports. Whenever we travel together I always come up with an excuse or last minute errand of why I can’t join them at the lounge, and I need to meet them at the gate/plane later. He hasn’t caught up at my avoidance of those ‘crowded feed lots’ yet, don’t you all go tell on me.


Yes sorry I wasn’t very clear: ‘potentially unhealthy’ for some (potentially for me …?) but not unhealthy for everyone. YMMV.

Yes. Stop being a pleb, like the rest of us. :wink: