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Hi all.

Sorry for the mini text wall, all conceptual here.

I want to discuss about the… structure of this forum.
Rhino have an awesome community, many people ready to help others.

But often there are recurring subjects, maybe even exact replicas of other old posts.
I frequent much more grasshopper category, but i suspect it is similar on the forum as whole.

Sometime someone ask “How I can do ***?” and i go through the search and search for *** and see old similar threads, sometime not, even when I clearly remember it is an old and already-answered question.
I find myself opening my /activity account page, scroll down until everything is loaded (years of posts) and then make a CTRL-F and actually find old posts which are relevant!
But this works rarely.

A generic, already asked and already replied and solved question like “How I can do ***?” is much likely to be answered/solved again, instead of being “merged” with older ones… why? Because there is not order.

This is the problem… someone might be able to explain it better.


Each thread should have a picture marked as “preview” of the thread, maybe even more than one.
(This, if the context permit a picture to summarize the thread)
Example: “origami”
Someone searching for “origami” in the search box, will have a result of texts, opening them all is not friendly for someone.
If each post could have one or many pictures as preview (like the gallery section) one would find a more specific old solution much faster.

If this forum could be better organized and structured, it could become the best help tool any software ever had!

Hi Riccardo - It sounds like this is a discussion that you should be having on the Discourse forum: Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse