Should I wait for Mac v6?

Just putting the feelers out for a mini-dilema… Tempted to upgrade my Rhino 5 Windows licence as the improvements in Make2D for line-art creation are excellent… but I get on so much better when using my Mac version… so are the same Make 2D improvements making their way into the Mac v6 ? And are we weeks / months / years away from that becoming a reality?

Any info would be great. Cheers!

Features in RH6 for Win should be (very close to) the same as those for RH6 for Mac.
Weeks / months / years: depends on if you are talking about a released version or WIP.

At any rate: if you upgrade your RH5 for Windows into RH6 for Windows now, you will be able to use that license when RH6 for Mac comes. So go ahead and upgrade now.

Thanks! Although confused by the licensing? Thought Mac and Windows licences were always separate beasts?

It works different now between win <-> win and maybe win <-> mac.

There is an option to use cloudzoo to put your licence in. Since you are registered in this forum, you have a rhino account. So you can use one licence at a time on different machines. Like desktop and mobile > If you used rhino on your desktop and you then open it up on your laptop, a message appears. Like “Rhino 6 Licence was used on Desktop machine XXXX. You want to keep it?” It then switches the licence in ~1sec to your laptop and deactivates the rhinolicence on your desktop. You can do it as much as you like.

I guess it works the same way between win and mac and vice versa.

Best regards

Yep I knew the Windows licensing had become nice and friendly, and if Mac v6 was going to be able to tap into the same license pool that would be fantastic and, yes, a no brainer as far as upgrading goes :slight_smile:

Upgrade bought :slight_smile: