Is there any button for CopyToLayer New?

Is there any button, RMB option, shortcut or something else that could let me do “CopyToLayer New” faster?
I know that I can do some custom buttons but I ask about default Rhino.

If there is no such thing by default I would like to ask about it as a feature request.

I mean when you create your model and you have a good shape which you want fast move into a new layer. During modeling you are doing it thousand times. That small thing would make modeling faster IMHO.

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Use ChangeLayer command, or CopyToLayer command, or ChangeToCurrentLayer command, or MatchLayer command, or select the objects before using Layer panel.

If you use the Layer panel, right-click the new layer to display the context menu shown in the following screenshot. Then click “Change Object Layer” option or “Copy Objects to Layer” option in the menu.

Yes I know that but it would be faster IMO if there would be also ‘Copy To New Layer’ or you will need to create a new layer first and then copy/move to that layer. It’s two moves instead of one. It`s only a proposition. You can disagree with me.

You have to make the new layer first, so that it has meaningful name and distinguishing color. You do this work in the Layer panel, so it takes only two more clicks to move the new objects to the new layer. If this is too many clicks for you, you can write simple macro to eliminate these clicks. (By the way, I live in Poland.)

I know those solutions. I added a thread to post my personal feeling that Rhino would get to be better if that kind of feature would be on the default board.

Same as signification on which layers are present selected items (same as in Modo). For now, you select items and you have no idea where those items belong.

In my opinion, small things like this can be a huge timesaver.


The layer name displayed in the status bar does change depending on the selection, or do you mean something else?

I`ve meant to highlight/tick layer names on which are present items which are selected (if you selected multiple items). Then you know which layers to hide and which layers to lock.


yes that would be very helpful

This is also related with what I`ve told you above:

This one was accepted as a feature request (also based on that what I know from Modo)

This feature could be implemented in the layer pane menu (shown below). The menu would show only layers holding selected objects. If no objects are selected, left-clicking the layer pane would not display the menu, but it would display a message in the command prompt: “no objects have been selected.”

Rhino layer pane and menuf

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edit: @pascal s scripts are all you need :slight_smile:

Here’s a thing that copies objects to a new layer: (470 Bytes)

And a couple of other things that might help - (683 Bytes) (1.1 KB) (618 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"



as for making a duplicate to a new layer: this script is a non obtrusive variation (no questions asked):
it duplicates the layer (in same same color) the original was on (with suffix -Copy xxxx) and moves the duplicate to that layer: (713 Bytes)

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Late to the party here, but I have this on a button (for years):

! -_CopyToLayer _NewLayer

which works perfectly with pre-selected objects… Just type the name you want for the new layer at the command line and Enter.

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Thank you very much. Now I have my button too :slight_smile: