Short command prompt does not work well in Rhino 5 and 6



I keep the command prompt short and tall. When I click on an option in the command prompt, there is generally no response, so I have to type a letter instead of clicking the option. This problem is common in commands having long list of options (for example, FilletEdge) - the options are displayed, but they are not clickable.



“Rhino 5 and 5”?

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I really can’t tell what you’re trying to say.


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Now I get it. I use a very wide command line area and so haven’t run into this issue. It seems that what you are saying is that when the command line folds to a second line in the narrow command line area the options don’t respond to a click? Is this true of all the options or just the ones on the second line?

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I tested this with a command that boasts a large amount of options. That worked just fine with clicking:

are there any other factors you think could affect this?



I have no idea. Try FilletEdge command and click options on the second line.

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That works just fine here.

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@Andrew_Nowicki do you have any scaling enabled in your desktop display settings in Windows?


@nathanletwory No. I tried 100% scaling - it did not fix the bug. By the way, text is too small for me at 100% scaling. I tried it on a big, external monitor, with the same result. Top line options work fine, but second and third line options are not clickable. I tried RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions - options were clickable only in two top lines.


Strange rectangle appeared on top of the command prompt. It disappeared when I stretched the command prompt in the horizontal direction.


This bug has been fixed in Rhino 6.3.


I still have this problem in Rhino 6.5 - if the command has many options (for example, FilletEdge), the options are displayed, but they are not clickable.