Sometimes command line options don't work

There are times that certain command-line options for certain commands do not work until I save the 3dm file and then close Rhino . Restarting from saved file restores those options. An example would be the “Pipe” and the option flat or round end does not work. Or the “Offset Srf” where the “flip-all” direction does not work. Can anyone help with this.

Hi Et_Rec- is this true if you access the option via typing as well as clicking? If clicking, when it fails, do all of the options fit in the available command line, or do they pop out in a sort of overflow window?




Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the reply. It definitely happens quite often when clicking on an option in the commandline. I do type in commands often, but options in the commandline are usually clicked on. My commandline window does have a certain amount of overflow

Today I will expand the commandline window and see if it still happens. Yet, when saved>closed>restarted the commandline options work with the same size overflow commandline window. Could the reason be that my system does not support more then 8 gigs of ram?

No, nothing to do with RAM or hardware at all I think - - I see the the failed-when-clicked options from time to time as well, and it is always when the command line is in that overflow state. But, not every time - that is the problem in tracking that down.


Today it happened again but worked when the command line was made large enough to show all . Thanks for your quick response. It sure would be nice if I could determine the size of the "commandline " window without that happening…maybe in version 6?

I’m hoping so - It is hard to reproduce this on demand - are you running a high resolution screen or anything?


My screen is 30" Dell .