Offset srf options not working

Hi forum, is anyone else noticing offset srf options not working? Such as solid, loose, etc.might just be my machine. —Mark
Oh, latest V6 sr

I can go to the command line and do the letters to get things to work. When clicking on the words to do setting changes , that’s where I’m getting the hiccups.

Hello - works here - so things do not toggle if you click on the command line options, correct? Is the entire set of options fitting in the command line, or is it too long and making that extra command line window pop out? Does other clicking work as expected in the same area of the screen? (I have two different resolution monitors and I’ve seen it go haywire where the mouse click is going elsewhere because one screen is at 100% and one at 150%)


Yes to your first question. It is the command line size. When I pulled it out to single line, it works as expected. When pinching it down to make two lines, that’s when it goes on a break. Thanks

Thanks - that is covered, for what it is worth, here
It is so inconsistent, it makes it hard to fix.