Command prompt bug

If a command has many options, its options are duplicated in the command prompt, as shown in the following screenshot. I noticed this bug in Rhino 7.1.

Not seeing that here -

(7.1.20337.5001, 02-Dec-20)

There is an update available, I will let it install and check again…

No, don’t see that in the current 7.2 RC either…

I have different location of the command prompt - side by side with the toolbar group.

Hello - I believe what you are seeing is that if the command line is too short to accommodate all the options, a second set is overlaid that is not contained by the command line frame - here though, the overlay one obscures the actual command line so that I do not see it twice.


You are not correct, but you are close to the truth. The algorithm of the command prompt overestimates, by about 10%, the amount of space needed for all options.