Shift + Snaps hover loses text display

I believe this was addressed before but I can’t find it. When I hover over snaps holding shift, I get the additional snap boxes but no text so I don’t know which snaps they are for. Top image is regular snaps, bottom is holding Shift.

RH 6.16

Hello - does it look different if you do this inside say the Line command compared to no command running?


It looks like you’ve been messing with Rhino Appearance colors.
I suspect the text color is set to the same value as the background.

Is that possible?
I’m using default colors and the text shows up as it should.


Just checked. You are correct. If I’m in a command, they do show up.

I’m pretty certain I noticed this before I altered the appearance. I just forgot about it as It was not something I used. A recent class brought it up again.

Hello - if you are not in a command, the labels display, but gray, so probably the same or close to the background gray in your case.


I see. I just noticed that when disable snaps, the text is not visible. I guess I need to find where that color is set in Rhino Options >Advanced and change it.

I got many of the color changes when Ivelin Peychev posted his customizations. If anyone can point me to the specific line…? Or Rhino make a dark theme?