Rhino 8 UI - Can't See Display Tab Text

Hello all,

Is anyone else having this issue? Whenever I open Rhino 8, I can’t read any of the text on the display tab. I think this is a UI bug that needs to be fixed.

I was able to fix it myself by going to Rhino Options > Advanced > Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.Content.Background and changing the color. Probably not the greatest solution though.

Can you please install the latest release candidate and see if it’s better?

To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream on Windows or on Mac


@brian - I subscribed to the release candidate and installed the latest version. Still having the same issues of dark gray text on a dark gray background though.

Hi Clay -

What do you have the Rhino Options -> Appearance -> Colors main option set to? Is that set to “Dark”?

Hi @wim - I had it set to custom. Once I changed it to “Dark” everything looks so much better. Thank you!