Shell Structure - How to Convert to Mesh


I am working with a shell structure, and for some reason I am not able to convert to mesh. I don’t have a surface either. How do I go forward?

The Grasshopper file is attached.

Sicli Factory
Sicli (32.8 KB)

Hi, try to connect the curve to ‘Loft’, and then ‘MeshBrep’. There is the built-in MeshBrep, or MeshBrep (Karamba3D) if you want to analyse it as a shell later.

Hope it works.

Hi again,

I’ve tried to follow your suggestion, but it doesn’t work. Able to send me a solution proposal? :blush:

Hi @ahmadals,

Here is one method to loft the 3 curves.

Sicli (61.9 KB)

Could you please remove Karamba as a tag from this post, because this question relates to a general Grasshopper issue rather than a Karamba specific? Thank you

Hi @matttam ,

Thank you for the solution.

I think Karamba is removed as a tag now. Please let me know if it is not removed.