Karamba variable slab height


I am making FEM design of pile supported slab structure using Karamba plugin in Grasshopper. I am having a problem with meshing my shell structure and variable heights.

On the slab there will be these rectangle shaped areas whose height is bigger (picture 1). What I tried to do was to cut the higher areas from the surface and put them in one mesh. This didn’t work because it left these wholes on the surface (picture 2).

It would be best to determine the mesh for the whole shell structure and then determine the areas that will be higher. So the shell would have just one mesh for the whole structure but then I could determine the areas on the shell that needs to be thicker. How this can be made with Karamba? This should be an easy thing to do because it’s basic requirements with FEM designing.

Marven Mansour

Hi, if you make a polysurface/brep in rhino or grasshopper that is simply split at these areas and then use the MeshBreps component to mesh it and the geometry should be quite clean for the Karamba analysis then.

meshsplit.gh (8.2 KB)

Thank you for your answer. This worked. I also noticed that the wholes in my mesh were because of my resolution set to the mesh. In large slabs like this it needs to be quite small.