Shell Structure - Applying snow load


I want to apply snow load on my shell structure. As seen in the picture below, I only have load on 1/4 of the shell. I need the load on the whole shell (on z-axis). However, the load distribution along z-axis is OK.

Another question. I have different point load values (also snow load). How can I fix it to same values?

Bilde4 (122.5 KB)

I’ve tried to adapt your file just to show how to apply the same load values for either a globally projected load (top) or global (bottom) depending on your load case, using the ‘MeshLoad Const’ dropdown box at the bottom of the load component. It doesn’t split the mesh into 4 pieces, but ok you could still do that for other loadcases, but it unless you have a varying cross-section it seems easier to keep the shell as one element.

Not sure if this is entirely what you’re after, but I’ve tried to do my best to help with the level of detail in the question provided. You could for example weld the 4 separate meshes before making an element, but I still don’t really see the point of that, as you can change the loads applied by having a bunch of loads just in one area of the shell, keeping it to a single element.

Supervision (edit).gh (107.9 KB)