Mesh load constant

hello everyone !!!
i have a question please !! i want to define mesh load constant (snow load) ,should i choose point load or line load or keep both selected???

Hi @user512, this depends on how you want your load to be distributed. If your snowload is applied onto a shell, it will only be defined as point loads. If you apply to a beam, you can apply it to either one (most likely just line load), or both point or line loads, depending on how you want the load to be distributed to your beams.

thank u!
i have another question please i want to understand how does karamba define the load combinations ?

i have set three load in my model and am wondering if my load combination correct?

Hi @user512, at the moment Karamba does not generate load combinations, but you can definitely simulate the behaviour by applying multiple loads in the same loadcase as you have done in your image.

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