Shared Workspace Dropbox Folder does not show up

When sign in and link Dropbox to iRhino 3d it only shows team member personal folders, it does not show our Shared Workspace Folder. The Shared Workspace Folder is where our Rhino Files live. How do I get that folder to show up?

Hi @brady1 ,

What version of iRhino3D are you using?
The 8.x version uses standard iOS file browser and all of your local and cloud backed folders can be browsed.

I am using the latest version. I just downloaded it today. When you have a Dropbox business account each team member gets a personal folder and a “shared workspace folder” as the first level of folder structure. When you sign into Dropbox in the iRhino 3d app, the only folder that is visible is the personal folder.

The reason I’m asking for the specific version is that the Appstore may still offer you the old version if your device doesn’t meet the requirements for the new iRhino.

Can you please share a screenshot of what you see when you try to open the Dropbox folder from iRhino?

Oh I see. This is exactly what happened, I haven’t updated to iOS 16 yet so I downloaded the old version of the app. Will update everything and report back. Thanks Morteza

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The issue persists when updating to iOS 16 and reinstalling the app. Only team members Personal Dropbox folders are visible not the Shared Workspace Folder. In the attached image there should be another folder called “Rowan’s Shared Workspace” below the folder that says “Brady Personal”


Actually I still think its downloading the old version of the app because I just tried to upload a model and it says Rhino 6 files are not supported…

That is definitely the old version.
New version looks like this:

Can you try deleting iRhino and re-installing from the Appstore after you’ve updated to iOS 16

Okay weird. I think its a problem on my end then. Will report back.

Got it working!

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