Getting a file into iRhino


I have uploaded a file through ITunes. I have synchronized. Yet it is not visible in Rhino.

What do you have to do to get Rhino to see the file?


I thought this would be an easy one.


I just used Google drive. Then you can log into your drive and download your model inside the rhino app.


The problem I have is that the files are loaded on the iPad (according to iTunes) but iRhino is not seeing them. Some apps (e.g. pages) have a second step you have to do on the iPad side to recognized what is loaded. I don’t see it for iRhino.

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iTunes File Sharing is - in my opinion - less than obvious. I don’t use it, but it does work.
…might be helpful.

One caveat with iRhino 3D: the files will not show up until you restart iRhino 3D…and I mean actually close the application (not just background it).

For this reason, I suggest you use GoogleDrive or Dropbox.

I hope that helps,


I don’t see anything loaded using iTunes, even when I completely restart.

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You’re right. I see that now (IR-508). I’ll investigate more and fix it. Thanks for reporting it.



Is this likely to be fixed in the near future?

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I have not yet had a chance to address this bug. It is my top priority when I get a chance to work on iRhino 3D.


İ had same problem , for now only solution save file when its “shaded” view …