good day, synchronizing with its own server or the usual alternatives Dropbox and the rest of them to really hold its 3D model here. Best regards

We are using old Dropbox (classic API) and GoogleDrive systems in iRhino 3D. It’s in dire need of an update. I’ve got this on the TODO list (IR-486)…along with iCloud Drive support, Box, OneDrive and …? What else?

Also, I’m curious if this “classic” behavior is something that some people would want to keep around? Or should we just switch to the newer paradigm of always keeping the file in sync?


I am working on OS X and am using Chronosync to synchronize my computers (yes, I have not yet arrived in the cloud age - for good reasons). The iOS client of Chronosync is called InterConneX. I have all my files related to current projects on my iOS device synchronized, also Rhino 3dm. InterConneX allows to share / export local files to other Apps on the iOS device. But iRhino is missing there.
Is there a way to register iRhino as the default App to open any 3dm file save on the iOS device?

Hi Dan,

May I ask if the dropbox sync fix is still in plan?

Since its not work, it render iRhino useless without PC, as only the only option left is iTunes fileshare.

I sent you some emails about this, along with (sharesheet, split view & drag drop support, and iphone x display update), but I never got a response, so I thought I drop you a message here. Sorry if it is a “repeat”.

Many thanks,


I am still working on re-working all the cloud-based storage systems. That said, Dropbox should be working in the latest update to iRhino 3D (2.2.5 2.2.4). If you are experiencing and error, please share that here (some users are unable to update to the latest version because their hardware does not support it).

thank you for your reply!

The latest update in ios app store is versin 2.2.4. I guess, 2.2.5 had been submitted by you just not been approved ?

I am using iphoneX and ipada pro 2nd gen, so hardware would not be an issue…

May I use the opportunity to kind ask you if you plan to:

  • fix the iphone x empty space gap bug on the top and bottom f the screen?
  • do you plan to add the split view support on ipad?

Many thanks for your time and help,


Sorry, I mistyped (corrected above). The latest version is 2.2.4.

Yes, if you have 2.2.4, Dropbox should be working. I need to hear more about what you are experiencing. Are you able to see a list of your models on Dropbox from within iRhino 3D? Or…?

Yeah, I’d like to fix that. iRhino 3D has really fallen in priority and there are so many bugs that really bug me.

Perhaps, if it makes sense. What would you want in the split view?


Sorry for the delayed reply. I believe this is a bug or a regression. iRhino 3D used to be the default app for 3dm files. I’ll look into this. Logged in IR-539.

  • DROPBOX: Oh, ok. Then I can confirm, that 2.2.4 did NOT solved the DropBox bug. Not even after delete/reinstall and signout/login. As you requested, here is a screenshot video to show you the bug in detail:

BUG recording

I tried to wait for 10 minutes (on broadband wireless net) to be sure it is not only slowness, and i can confirm that in any other app folders shows up instant.

May I ask why don’t you simple implement the latest DropBox “connector”, so when connection required, the DropBox app launch and user can simply tap on : “Allow” button, instead of this old style “sign in” stuff? (just curious)

BTW: the verys same bug exist with Google Drive too.

The other thing would be awesome to have finally ios11+ FILES added as thats have pretty much focus these days, I also use it on daily bases.

  • SPLIT VIEW: well, I am a bit confused by your question. In other apps when it is in split view, means, that it is possible to drag it next to each other, but the app shows exactly the same. In case they also support drag and drop, than it can interact with Files eg., but that’s not a major importance in case of your app in my view. While on the other hand split view does, as e.g. having the model on one side while making notes about it on the other side, would be crucial.

The other thing would be awesome to have finally is the integration of the “share sheet”, so the model could be easily opened form any app or even passed by AirDrop.

  • IPHONE X: would be awesome, as 3D modelling require to be presented in exclusive mode, I also use it on daily bases.

BIG BIG THANK YOu for your time, and support!

Thanks for the video! That does help. Wow, that’s odd. It almost feels like the .3dm file extensions not being found by the app.

Time and priorities. I’ve been meaning to completely rework the cloud service integrations from the ground up, but I keep getting distracted by development on Rhino. I wish I had a better answer. We’re a pretty small organization.

Ah, I see what you’re talking about now (I got confused because there’s a SplitView controller for iPad where there’s a third of the screen - in the app itself - devoted to a chooser or whatever). Now I know what you mean. Yes, I intend to get this working…it requires a lot of re-plumbing.

I think the share sheets are broken because of the bug logged above.

I’m sorry iRhino 3D is lagging behind!

May I ask when could you add a fix at least for the dropbox/google drive?