Shapediver Geometry Input

I’m trying to incorporate a ShapediverGeomtryInput component into a grasshopper model. When I upload with the component I get a blank screen. If I remove the component my geometry is visible. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the component. I would like to have imported geometry in addition to geometry that is generated by the grasshopper model but it appears as if I can only have imported geometry. Is this the case? If so is there any way around this limitation?



You can have both, geometry generated by your definition as well as objects imported with ShapeDiver Geomtry Input. The blank screen suggests that something went wrong in the script logic. Please review your definition or share a minimal version so we can have a look. Keep in mind that the import component currently supports only DXF and OBJ but more input/output formats will be available in the near future. These resources will help you to set up your model correctly: