Import Geometry Component - computation time comparison

Hi, All!

I have been testing different file formats for geometry import via URL in ShapeDiver. I noticed that that the old component “ShapeDiverGeometryInput” performs much faster when importing .dxf files compared to the new one “Import Geometry”.

I have assigned the correct file format for all of the components and I am downloading the same file saved in .dxf and .dwg file format.

Would anyone happen to know why is this happening?

Note: I am currently using ShapeDiver version 1.16.1

The old “ShapeDiverGeometryInput” component included a custom algorithm that we developed to import files from a few handpicked file formats, including dxf. In the new component, this was replaced by the headless import functions built-in with Rhino, which allowed to support many more formats and to include more properties when importing which our old component did not support.

This explains why the computation times of the old and new component can vary. In case the old component imports the objects and properties you need, feel free to use it for your applications.

Thanks for the answer, Mathieu.

I was also wondering, what would be the most efficient way to import geometry in Grasshopper from an external URL? Now that Import Geometry supports many formats, could you recommend a format that is suitable for fast transfer via requests?

It depends on the goals of your application and exactly what type of data you need from the imported files. If you are importing geometry without additional information, obj for meshes and dwg for curves are suitable options.