Shapediver Export Request

Hi there, I wonder how to correctly track 3D exports out of an emedded Grasshopper file in Shapediver.
Following issue: I am online for 2-3 weeks now. The Shapediver analytics page shows me 68 Exports from my website in that period. My web prgrammer, though, tells me the can see from the backend, that not a single export took place.
If the Shapediver analytics data is true, how can I see, who is requesting the download? If my programmer`s statement ist true, what does the metric of 68 mean?
I have the e-mail 3d download integrated.
Thank you

Can you take a screenshot of the screen that shows you this analytics? Are you sure it is just 68 exports, or are you referring to “credits”, which include sessions for the viewer embedded in your website? If you have used the email export component, did you receive emails corresponding to exports?

I did not receive any mails…

@mathieu1 could you resolve?

File exports count towards credits not only in embedded models but also directly from the platform. After uploading your models, if you request exports directly from the platform to test the results, these will count one credit each. Is it possible that those numbers reflect the exports that were triggered by you or your team from the platform?

Thanks for your answer. This is possible. It is strange though, that the number also shows up with the embedded filter on.

@mathieu1 unfortunaltely your explanation doesn`t hold. The export count changed to 70 over the weekend, but no one of the developer team trigered it. Also, I did not reveive automated confirmation emails. The additional download requests would also be visible in our WP backend, which they are not.
How can I interpret the change in this metric?
I would really like your analytics to be meaningful. If you and your team could please double check. Also, of course, I kind of doubt the other figures as well. Thank you.

@mathieu1 in addition to the beforementioned ambiguities, analytics now doesn`t show any figures at all. December had enties before and now they are gone.
Since the analytics are included in my subscription, please fix this. Thank you.

There seems to be a delay in the aggregation of analytics data, due to the year switch. It might take a day or two before this issue is fixed. I will let you know when the data is available, so you can verify whether the issues you experienced last year are still happening.

The situation regarding analytics should be back to normal. Please review and let me know if you still believe there are inconsistencies like the ones you reported last year.