ShapeDiver cannot get direct export downloading link

Hi ShapeDiver team,

ShapeDiver model:

I am trying to get a 3d model downloading link from a shapeDiver model.
However, the response’s data content is undefined, therefore I cannot get the href.
The export instruction I am following: Listing and requesting exports – ShapeDiver - Documentation and Support

Shaun Wu

Please log the complete object and share it here, content might not be there in case of error.

@snabela See below image. Indeed, there is no data in the content list.
How do we solve this?

The value of msg is We are sorry, results for these parameter values can not be exported, which means that the export request timed out. Likely this is related to size of the mesh you want to export.

  • Which type of account are you using (i.e. how much computation time may your model use)?
  • How big is the mesh you want to export?

We are using PRO account. In terms of computation time, our model in ShapeDiver is updated about 10 seconds, in Grasshopper is about 1sec, the delay is quite significant in ShapeDiver.
The to-be-downloaded model is 32mb in stl format, I manually checked the model size in Rhino.
Do you have any guidelines that what is the maximum model size that can be downloaded in shapeDiver?

Usually this size shouldn’t be a problem. Could you share a link to your model on (can be private)

Thanks for looking into it.
Here is the shapeDiver model link: 3DCP Stairs_0226 - ShapeDiver
You can test the stl download button.

Shaun Wu

@shaunwu25 I reviewed the model, it seems the data you are feeding to the export component is invalid, see this screenshot please:

Some hints:

  • stl is a mesh file format, it makes sense to do the conversion to mesh yourself instead of letting this be done by the component
  • make sure your meshes don’t get huge, when converting using the “Mesh brep” component choose settings that make sense for your application

@snabela Thank you so much.
We have fixed the downloading issue by properly meshing the object.

Shanu Wu

many thanks for your feedback!