Shapediver Credits during trial development period

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I have been using the Shapediver 30 days Pro trial period. I have managed to embed my test model to a website. I need to constantly refresh to see the changes that I make but what I’ve found is I am going through the credits (500) really quick. Is there a way or platform to use where the credits will not be used up? such as is it possible to integrate the model locally to a personal server for the trial period?
Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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We are evaluating a way to count credits differently during local testing, but have not found a satisfactory solution yet. At the moment, the most appealing solution to this problem seems to not count credits for sessions where no parameter changes or exports are triggered.

Would you say that this solution would solve your problem? Other developers visiting this topic are also welcome to weigh in.

Think your suggestion would really help. Ideally, if there was a way to host locally, maybe for a set trial period, that would be ideal.
Needing to see changes live by refreshing soon eats up the credits and also the one month trial period isn’t ideal when working on the development has to fit around other work, a longer period would be great.

So just to clarify that means when I change the code and refresh but have not changed the parameters or export, the credits will not count?
Also a longer trial period will be great.

Is it an option to whitelist 1 specific IP adress that can be changed as a DEV ip adress? When a model is loaded from this IP adress, no credits are counted…


Also, because there is no easy way to preview materials while developing in Grasshopper, we are forced to adjust material sliders while working with an uploaded model. So the idea of not counting sessions where there are no parameter changes does not solve this particular issue.

That’s a good point. We are moving towards the solution you mentioned: whitelisting one development IP. I will keep you updated in this topic when the feature is rolled out.

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