ShapeDiver Analytics

I read about ShapeDiver Analytics feature on ShapeDiver’s blog. At the end of the text it is written that The ShapeDiver Analytics Dashboard is available for PRO and Enterprise user. I am PRO user, but can’t see or find ShapeDiver Analytics Dashboard.
Can you send more details where to find it and how to use it?

We rolled out an update, you should now see the “Analytics” tab in your dashboard, as well as the “Subscriptions” tab where you can see the status of your credits.

Don’t hesitate to give feedback about the interface and the data, this is a Beta which we will improve in the next few weeks.

Thanks. Yes, I can see now, it is looking good. It is really great tool. However, I didn’t catch what is the difference between embeded and app sessions?

Also I am not sure if there are any way to share analytics of some particular model to the client? If I am creating some model that want to sell to someone, I think that it could be very useful if I can provide him also analytics about his model. It would be great if you can provide export button or “guest login” option.
Also I think that it will be very useful If I can see analytics of my models shown in different colours. In that way someone who create ShapeDiver model can conclude which models are the most popular/successful

Embedded sessions are counted when a model is embedded outside of the ShapeDiver platform. App sessions are only counted when someone sees your model directly on the platform.

Thanks for your suggestions about improving the dashboard! We are already exploring how to display model-specific statistics (and even parameter-specific). I noted your suggestion about exporting data for your clients, we will make sure to consider this feature in the future.

I’ve just check my ShapeDiver Analytics and realized that not all my scenes are there. For example scene " Virtual showroom for acoustic panels " ( ) is not on the analytics list. How to add it?

Also I can’t figure out how things with credits are calculated. For example scene “foldable shelter” (slug g-29 ) used 11 credits, but I didn’t work on that scene for a long time. Can you explain in detail, how you calculated it?

For optimization reasons, by default the analytics tab only loads the models that used credits within the current month. If you want to see all your models, uncheck the “Used credits (this month)” option in the model list of the Analytics tab.

About the “foldable shelter” model, my guess is that you have embedded it in an external website in a public page. The credits are counted every time someone visits your models on external websites.