Shapediver dont working?

Hello guys,
I have a questing, about shapediver upload to web.
I am lost, and I dont know what is wrong.
here is my sketch

this is my result mesh in grasshopper

and this is what shapediver shows

It should be siple box generator for 3d printing, but shapediver dont show 3 surfaces, and I dont know why. It is made out of 2 native rectanlgle curves with rulled surface. I was trying to switch A and B curve inputs, and wanted to flip surface, but it doesnt work.

Is that problem of genering surface or its on the side of shapediver? I am using FREE plan, which is limited with computing time… Thank you for your sugestions, Radim

My guess is that you are working in Rhino 7 and facing one of the small backwards incompatibilities with Rhino 6 (the shared servers are still running Rhino 6).

I can see in your definition that the Offset component has an empty input for the offset Plane (P Input). That works in Rhino 7 but in Rhino 6 one has to specify an explicit plane (World XY for example). Let me now if that helps.

Hi Mathieu,
you are the Genius!
It worked, thank you so much.

That means generaly, is better to downgrade to rhino 6+shapediver to be sure all nodes in grashopper are supported with shapediver? Or do you plan to upgrade shapediver servers soon to rhino 7?

If I can see, you are developer in shapediver. Can you explain to me, what menas this blank screen? Its becasue I am using FREE plan and servers reach 10 seconds limit for computing of my 3d model?

I am facing withthis quite often. All surfaces are off, just meshes. But I was using solid difference to make logos on the cover of box. It was picked as curve and internalised, but it is probably too time consuming in FREE plan? Or its related to my Rhino 7 vs rhino 6?

The shared system will switch to Rhino 7 in the future but we do not have a timeline for this change yet. Designer and Business accounts can already be upgraded to a Rhino 7 system now.

Regarding the blank screen, it might be another backwards compatibility issue, or you might have forgotten to internalize some geometry. Try to reproduce the issue on a small definition that you can share here if possible.

Thank you, so if I will switch to designer plan, all in rhino 7 should work, right?

You should just send a request to ask for your account to be transferred to the Rhino 7 system after upgrading to Designer.

thank you