Shape Diver Model not computing

This is all I know:

“Computation of your model failed”.




I need more details to help you out here. It might be that your definition takes too long to process and hits your computation time limit. Try to narrow down the problem and share a minimal definition replicating the issue so we can have a closer look.

Also, ShapeDiver sends automated emails when a definition is rejected on upload, please check your inbox for more information.

Following resources can give you a better idea how to successfuly upload models to ShapeDiver.

I removed SubD and it worked. Is SubD not functional yet?

Rhino 7 support for all ShapeDiver users is coming soon but we’ve already deployed it already on our test system and if you want to give it a go, let our sales team know via the contact form at

We are currently working on a major platform upgrade which includes more helpful error messages. If there is anything else you would like to see on ShapeDiver, let us know below.

Any cutting edge technology comes with its pains but check out what our clients managed to do even with impossible debugging:

Okay. Will do. I just saw an announcement somewhere that it was live already. Sorry to be so cranky.