Problems uploading on ShapeDiver

How can I proceed with this issue? Could anyone help me to understand this problem to upload on shapediver?

(Ref: eaeeb07a-cfe5-459a-bde2-8994128668ec)

I need more details to evaluate this. Was there anything else in the upload error?
Please check your model before upload, see more here:

I checked the link, then the model and I just corrected some elements that were with preview on…
however, it’s not working as well…

right now the error that is appearing is the following:

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Computation of your model failed. Please ask for help on the forum, including the reference shown below in your message.

(Ref: b40a1763-a484-4185-ba40-afc062c0f7f1)

It looks like your model takes too long to process. Check your computation time limits and optimise your definition to improve the computation time.

Alright. Thank you