Simple Definition not working


I was troubleshooting a relatively complex definition that was not working on ShapeDiver (it generated a “computational failed” error) while working correctly on the PC.

After a lot of testing I found out the part that was generating the error - I’m attaching a minimal definition and the error reference id is:

Ref: b8507fd7-7494-4139-9ddc-e4f66cc6adc2

The definition is a simple way to filter different types of geometry from a list.

Obviously I can use a workaround, but I’d like to know the reason why this is not working.

PS Regarding the platform update, do you expect to have some debugging improvements for cases like this? And is there an estimated launch date?

Thank you


SD Debug (30.4 KB)

Hi @Marco_Traverso, please excuse the late reply. The reason your definition fails to be checked is the SubD component. The shared system your account is linked to is running Rhino 6, which does not have SubD. Our model checking process should ideally detect that the definition uses unsupported components, but there seems to be a bug, hence the model checking process simply fails. We will improve this, and make sure the model is denied using an appropriate message.
We are already running a shared system using Rhino 7, which will become the default system very soon. Would you like to already give it a try using your model?