Shadows only


Is it possible to render only shadows like in Flamingo nxt?



Yes, by a trick: enable at the material “only in secondary”. So, the material is invisible for the camera only.

If you need to hide many objects except a ground plane or something, than you could use the option at a neutral override material (material named “Vrayoverridematerial”) and at the ground material you disable “can be overriden”. So, only the ground is visible with all shadow and light effects.

Just enable shadows under the channel options. It will only render the shadows to a separate layer.

Sidenote: only works for shadows of lights and the shadow casting objects stay visible. Maybe this is wanted by Eike. I’m not sure. But GI shadows like from a HDRI environment can’t be find at the shadow output channel. This kind of shadow could be find at the GI channel.