Shadow only ground plane?

I am struggling to create a transparent ground plane material that accepts shadows cast by the HDRi environment, but isn’t reflected in any of the material I have in the scene…?

Any tips for V-Ray 3.4?

Seems easier to do in other versions, but I can’t seem to replicate/find equivalent settings in the Rhino plugin.

Hi David,
In fact, it’s a little bit easier in the new versions. You just have to assign the “Matte Shadow Receiver” material (found in the “Diagrammatic” folder in the standard library) to your ground plane.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for that, I hadn’t realised that the shadow material was in the Diagrammatic folder - had taken ages building the same thing from scratch!

It didn’t quite do all I had hoped though, as the shadow material has an effect on other reflective materials in the scene, and can clip the environment reflections.

Do you know if it is possible to make the shadow material not have ANY effect in the scene, other than to receive shadows?



I had worked through those suggestions, perhaps I’ve just missed something… I’ll go over it again.

In case anyone needs to know you can use the Matte Shadow Receiver but need to enable the Matte for all secondary rays to keep the ground from showing up in reflections.

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Hi Ryan,
Do you know if something like this could be used to hide rectangular lights from showing up in reflections too?


Hi Jonish ,
If you want to just hide rectangular light and keeps the light show, you have to edit lights then select rectangular light in options light check invisible .