Shadows off?

In Rhino, I made a molecule, where a few atoms cast shadows on other atoms which is disturbing.
How to switch off shadows in Flamingo?

I still want the shadows that the atoms “cast on themselfes”, i.e the dark sites of those spheres.

I tried to uncheck “Cast shadow” and “Receive shadow” in Rhino’s object properties for the relevant atoms, but that makes no difference in Flamingo.

I appreciate any hint on this.

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Let’s see if @BrianJ or @andy have any tips. Might be best to post your file (or a simplified version thereof) though.

The actual file is attached here. However, I think my question is more of a general one: where is the button to switch off unwanted shadows?

Tetraethylorthosilicat TEOS.3dm (448.6 KB)

Do you mean like this shadows ?

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Not in this case, where I do not have a groundplane. The actual problem is, where a few atoms cast shadows on other atoms. (It is not an option to just move or rotate the molecule or part of it.)

In general: How to get objects to not cast shadow and/or not receive shadow?

I’m not sure if nXt 5.5 can support this feature but I’ve filed the report here… thanks for the post

If you use the Rhino 6 Rhino Renderer, these shadow casting and receiving object properties will work. Alternately, you can use a Rhino 6 Custom material and check self-illumination in the advanced settings for it. This will allow the Raytraced display mode to be used as well without the objects receiving shadows.

I hope that feature will be included some day. Thank you for your reply and report.

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Any news on this. It’s quite annoying.

Not that I know of, I’ll nudge the bug report to ask the developer. Thanks for checking!

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I know this was years ago and not sure if there is a feature to turn off shadows yet, but if you just want to get rid of the shadow on the ground just create another object and drag the object you want to render high above the other one so it is clear from casting a shadow on the ground.