Flamingo No Shadows


I have a preastoric version of Rhino and Flamingo, Rhino v3 and Flamingo v2 to be exact, I want to create a Photometric render but my model casts shadows and I want no shadows at all. I did find a setting named “Cast shadows” In the Properties menu under Flamingo but dispite that it works i have to select every serface one by one which is just not do-able for a standard model which hase a few 100 surfaces. is there a way I can do this in one go?


as far as i can see your screenshot is taken from Rhino display, Flamingo doesnt have to much affect to that display type.

you need to check the rhino display properties rendered or shaded display types.

i dont remember what to look at so you need to try.


Hi Bart- you should be able to select all of the surfaces at once and turn off shadows. I am not sure off hand if Photometric mode will pay attention to that setting since it somewhat contradicts the whole idea.