Rhino 6 WIP Render: Render only chast shadow on ground height?


I want to render the cast shadow on ground height, without the object itself. Is there a way?

Attached a simple pyramid example.
JustNeedShadowOnGroundAndNoPyramid.3dm (49.9 KB)



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Did you ever find a way to do this? I am looking to do the same and note sure it can be achieved with Rhino 6 Render alone…

No, I haven’t, sorry.

Hi Michael,

You can do this with the self illumination feature in a custom material if the colors material matches the background color and the skylight is off.

If you need the transparency as well, you could use a flat color display mode for selection masks to isolate just the shadows. You can find that mode here… Surface/mat/render ID Display Mode or renderer in rhino6?