Shadows are detached please help

hello everyone,
Im new to using rhino and Im trying to cast some shadows to the ground however the model looks like it is floating due to the shadows being too detached.Can anyone please help me

Looks like your geometry is not sitting on the ground plane perhaps? Try using the “height above world xy plane” picker in the ground plane tab and see if that fixes it.

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YES thank you that seems to have been the problem but now Im having slight disorientation in the shadows as you can see here they are not perfectly exact

Glad to help! Not sure what you mean by “not perfectly exact” - can you elaborate?

yes I will show a more clear picture now

notice here how the shadow is still a little bit detached from the model

Hello - do these columns end at the ground plane elevation?


Try using the same xy picker on the bottom corner of that post and see if it goes away? If so, there’s a chance your geometry might have some variation in how it’s aligned to z.

yes they do

ah okay now its fixed entirely.Thank you very much!!!

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