No shadows cast in rhino


I can’t seem to get Rhino to cast shadows in any views. None of the solutions in other threads have solved this problem. I don’t think this is because my driver is old? Any ideas?

Upload your file so we can be of help please.

Colvend.3dm (2.6 MB)

Thanks, uploaded.

Rahaf, Opened your file when I zoomed to extents everything disappears it seems like you have things in the drawing that are so far away they most likely need to be deleted.

Just checked the location of your drawing it is 3000 plus feet from X0,Y0,Z0.


Hi Lopacki,

Thanks very much for identifying this, it was indeed the issue! I have moved the contents closer to the origin now.


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Hi ,
i believe i have the same problem ( no shadows cast, execepth at 12.00 hours). How can i move my desighn closer to 0,0,0?
Thank you,

Hi - if you are getting shadows at 12.00, this sounds like it might be a different problem. For starters, please upload a simple file that shows this behavior.

As for moving objects to the origin, select all, run ‘move’, pick a point on your objects, and finally type ‘w0,0,0’.

thank you for answering! I did what you described for moving objects and for a while i couldn’t find my design but i eventually found them and the shadow problem is solved. Thank you all for your help, i was ready to draw shadows by hand !!