Shadow Range Study Error - Shadows unrealistically dark

Hi Team,

I downloaded the Shadow Range Study from Hydra and I am experiencing a peculiar error, specifically the shadow range study is stating that my terrain and buildings will receive less than 1h of sunlight daily.

Now I tried troubleshooting, specifically I removed the walkways and forms and repeated the shadow range study, this gave the EXACT same resilt. Meaning with or without any volumes, the amount of shadow casted on the site is the same. I believe this may be due to my terrain? My terrain’s lowest point is 2.5m.

I then proceeded to have a flat surface and it casted the shadow study perfectly. Any suggestions on what to do as I require a shadow range analysis on my site and volumes and not a planar suface. Please see the image below for your reference.

I have also attached the Rhino File and Grasshopper file.

Can anyone please help me troubleshoot this?

Thank you.