Solidifying Shadows

Hey Guys,

I am new to Rhino and Grasshopper and currently doing a university project.

We are trying to create a 3d mass using the shadows between the building and the floor terrain. We have had some previous help but are struggling to extract the shadow we need. We get the whole volume of the shadow from the terrain to the sun and we need to cut it at the level of the buildings. Please, could you also explain what we are doing wrong in our model?
image (1.2 MB)

Thank you :slight_smile:

After opening and seeing your file, one question came up.
Do you really think that the sun will shine on your buildings like a spot light? The sun is farther than you might think.
IMO, you can apply sun position in the Sun path just as a vector. How do you think? (949.3 KB)

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No answer to your question, but maybe this helps:

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The first problem I noticed was the bowl of spaghetti :slight_smile:
You should organize your definitions a little better, sometimes that may be the reason to miss the cause of the issues.

Also put yourself some comments, being Name of groups or disconnected Panels. That will help you as well as others in the forums to figure out where to start eating the spaghetti :slight_smile:


@HS_Kim, @tim.stark, @ivelin.peychev Thank you for all your help. I have started again but still seem to be having trouble with producing the shadows. Please see the image and file below.

Thank you, guys! I really appreciate your help! (567.6 KB)

I am not familiar with LadyBug, and I don’t really know how to install it since I get a warning:

but I noticed something:

Try adding this to your solution: