Sunlight shadow cast


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opened it in v6 and the only problem was the empty item in the month list.

lb_re (424.2 KB)

Thanks, Tim but I tried the file you uploaded this is what I can see:

Also got this message but it should not change the fact that the tower is not showing the colors on its surface in rhinos shaded mode?

Ok, than I can’t help you. As you see, it’s working for me.

Better aks your question here:

Are you 100% that you did not change anything that has to do with the geometry plugged into the sunlight definition? Also that screen shot is it from you rhino perspective view?

Yes I’m sure. The screenshot I took, was just previewing the mesh Outcome. This it is with preview everything:

Which Rhino you use?

Rhino 5

I used R6. I’ll try it with 5.

Same result in v5:

May update your lb/hb?

ladybug / honeybee

both lb and hb is up to date however I noticed I got this error message as well, highly doubt it but do you think this could be the cause?

Nope, it’s just a font. Shouldn’t have any Impact on the calculations.

You already created a thread in the ladybug forum?

its resolved, thank you!

Ok, what was the problem?

The tower brep was open which gives false results, as if the building did not have a roof and light was going through it. I had to close the brep in the definition.

ok, still strange, ceause it worked for me.

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