Weird lighting behaviour in SR6

I actually sat down to do some modeling in Rhino today and I noticed this strange lighting behaviour when working in a shaded display mode. I don’t recall seeing this in previous service releases. Also, I don’t recall changing any display settings recently.

Is anyone else seeing this? It’s pretty annoying, so any suggestions to stop this would be appreciated.



This side-effect was introduced in a recent change. Jeff is working on it. It has been discussed in several other forum threads.
I think if you fiddle with using Advanced GPU Lighting in your working display mode you can correct it as a work-around.

If Jeff is working on it I’ll wait for him. No one else here has complained yet.

I’m surprised I missed those other discussions. I’m usually pretty thorough when reviewing the forum.



This is the one I was remembering:

I feel your surprise, however over the last year traffic has increased quite a lot. Especially with the merging of the grasshopper forum.

I’ve resorted to quickly scanning all new and hope I don’t miss anything of interest to me. It’s no longer possible to actually follow all discussions in depth like one could before. I think I even had to change a setting so even older new topics stil pop-up as new to me.

It shows Discourse to be a good replacement of the newsgroup. :wink:


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